How it all started?

Travelling, exploring new places, cultures and people has always been part of human nature. Some take photographs of their travels, others draw a picture, others run around with a video camera and some buy various souvenirs. What unites all of them is the interest in possessing some memory of the journey they have made. We too have made a number of journeys, and have also made a few memories. The problem is that after a while you reach a point where you have nowhere to put the physical evidence of your travels at home. Yes, you could rent storage space.

In that case, you have to take into account that

  • it costs a lot of money to rent storage space
  • you’ll have to take the time to sort out the stuff you’re taking there
  • get someone to help you move
  • the space will not be close to your home

But we didn’t want to go down such a complicated path, so we thought about how to change it. We wanted something simple, that would be available at any time and offer the possibility of continually expanding our collection.

Time for change

The idea for this new form of recording travel memories was conceived one Thursday afternoon in spring. Since then, we have tried to not only materialize the idea, but more importantly, to invent it in a way that not only we would enjoy using it, but you would too.

From 2024 you have the opportunity to become part of the Digital Travel Stamps project. Gradually, we will bring new ways of capturing and sharing your memories or plans for your next trip.