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We combine travel and art.

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  • How can I get a digital ticket?

    In order to view your collection of digital travel stamps, you must first create an account. Setting up an account is completely free. Click on the Buy button and the stamp is added to your cart. In the basket, you choose to pay. Payment is made by credit card via the STRIPE payment system.

  • How do I create an account?

    Simply click on the Login button in the top right corner and select the Registration tab. Here you fill in your first name, last name, state, email, password and save. A confirmation notification is then sent to the email you entered. Confirm it and you can log in.

  • How do I reset forgotten password?

    You can reset your forgotten password by clicking on the link included with Login. You will write your user email that you entered during registration and a link will be sent to you to reset your password.

  • What types of stamps can I get?

    Only currently distributed digital stamps are available and it is up to you which ones you get. There will be several color themes available, which are categorized by the form of purchase (our website or a specific point of sale) or the uniqueness of the edition.

How it all started?
13. June 2024
Travelling, exploring new places, cultures and people has always been part of human nature. Some take photographs of their travels, others draw a picture, others run around with a video camera and some buy various souvenirs.
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Thank you all who participated in the implementation of the project, the formation of ideas, the creation of products, the design of the website and the launch of the entire project.

Martin Kosmák, MBA