Connecting two worlds

Today, at a time when we all try to save not only money, but also space and time, we come up with digital travel stamps. We can say with exaggeration that a new era of philately is beginning. Our digital stamps look similar to the ones you know from letters and postcards, but they cannot be used to pay for postal services.

Traveling has always been a fun and exciting way to discover new places, meet new people and create lasting memories. As technology has advanced, so has the way we collect travel memories. Our new digital travel stamps change the traditional purchase of various physical products and offer travelers and other collectors a modern and innovative way to store their experiences.

Our project purposefully connects the virtual and real world. Some will use this service as entertainment, others will awaken their passion for collecting, and others, like us, will complete it with a real experience. This means that the places depicted on the stamps you will also be visited in person, because the stamps taken directly on the spot will look a different than the ones you buy on our website.

What are digital travel stamps?

Digital travel stamps are virtual stamps that travelers and other leads can collect when they have visited a place of interest or are about to visit different destinations. Instead of traditional adhesive stamps, our stamps are stored in digital form. This means you can access them at any time. Each stamp is unique for each location visited.

New features in the pipeline

  • Leaderboard of the best collectors
  • Charity stamps
  • Stamps created by local artists
  • Map of points of stamp sales

Time-limited stamps will also be issued from time to time. Are you asking why? Simply to make collecting fun.